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My Zen

My Zen

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Bring outside... IN with this Miniature Garden encapsulated in glass . Includes a clear acrylic lid. The earthiness brings a sense of peace and serenity. This terrarium has a light stand to illuminate the beauty inside. Dreamt up with layered earth and a selection of 3 plants as featured or similar.

Option to add Smokey Quartz Cluster inside for a very special touch. This miniature garden emulates ultimate zen! Please note Crystals outside of Terrarium in photos are for styling purposes only and not included.

Crystals are natural elements and no two are the same. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Due to their fragile nature, Terrariums are only available in Melbourne


Glass Terrarium with acrylic lid. Wood base with light. Real plants inside. Option to add Smokey Quartz cluster inside.


19 x 15 x 32cm High

Care information

This terrarium is a tiny ecocsystem of its own. Terrariums are generally low maintenance. To maintain a healthy environments for your plants place in a spot with lots of filtered light however not in direct sunlight to avoid cooking your plants.

Ensure it's not placed too close to a heat source.

Clean the glass every once in a while as dirty or foggy glass makes it difficult for light to filter through. Use paper towel or a lint free cloth. Do not use any cleaning products as chemicals can harm your plants.

If your Terrarium has a lid you most likely will not have to water very often due to the rainforest- like conditions.

Terrariums without lids will need to be checked more often, water as needed with a spray bottle to avoid overwatering.

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