This is me :)

Hello! Welcome to my store.

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how Dreamt it first came to be. I'm Tennille and this is my husband Carlos, we live in Melbourne with our much loved cat Meika.

Like all good stories, it began with a dream, the dream to build our first home. I had been planning the build for the two years prior, I think I had a million and one Pinterest pictures and Mood boards going and had visited many builders.

Finally, Hurray, We started building in January 2020 and then Bah bowww, Covid hit! I was working in the Airline industry at the time and like many people I was stood down from work.

So with plenty of time on my hands, I spent many hours scrolling the internet for furniture and decor envisioning what our home and the things in it would look and more importantly, feel like. This was all before the house was even finished. I thought about the flow of the house and how it would feel moving through it. The types of things that brought enjoyment from both an organisational and aesthetic point of view. I even read up and considered Feng Shui Bagua which is the energy map of the house.

Which brought me to starting my own Instagram page called @dreamtitfirst where I would document elements from our first home build, garden and my styling journey. Here I connected with other first home builders and people who have a love for Home Interiors and Exteriors and I continue to do so.

What I discovered is that I am really passionate about letting my creative juices flow whilst curating dreamy spaces that make the soul feel good. I have taken what began with a passion and I have turned it into an Online Homewares Store where I intend to grow my vision sourcing and adding many more beautiful and inspiring products that will elevate your living. Items that will also make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

I hope you enjoy your experience with Dreamt it first and you join me on my journey as we evolve.

Much love,

Tennille xx

Our little love Meika