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Apophyllite 964g

Apophyllite 964g

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This stunning one off statement piece Apophyllite was chosen for it’s unique beauty. A mix of muted peach and a very faint green colour that subtlety draws your attention and guides it with ease. This piece weighs 964g 

Crystals are a beautiful natural element that not only bring style to your home but promote balance and calm. Apophyllite is said to aid spiritual healing.


Apophyllite specimen


20 x 11 x 6cm H

Care information

Your crystal has been hand picked and cleansed prior to being packed and sent to it's new home! Crystals can pick up energies easily so it is great for you to cleanse them from time to time.

3 different ways to cleanse the energy of your Crystals.

1. Place under running water for a few minutes

2. Smoke cleanse using burning sage or insence.

3. Placing in moonlight overnight, this also re-energised them with positve energy, especially during a full moon or new moon.

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